Can You Spot a Concussion?

Concussions are brain injuries inflected by direct trauma to the skull. Many times victims do not know they are experiencing a concussion. It’s important to know how to spot a concussion to help prevent the situation from getting worse. lady on computer

Check to see if the victim is unconscious. If he is, make sure you test his vital signs to see how he is holding up. Monitor the airway, breathing and circulation patterns to ensure the person is stable.

Notice if the victim is dizzy or disoriented. This is a sure sign of a concussion. If the victim is clearly confused or dizzy, this may be the most clear indication that he is experiencing a concussion.

Is the victim experiencing anterograde amnesia? Anterograde amnesia occurs when a victim claims he cannot remember what happened after the concussion but may recall the moments leading up to it. If someone fits this description, it’s urgent that you seek medical care immediately to help reduce any damage that has been done during the injury.

Ringing of the ears. Another common symptom of concussions, persistent ringing in the ears can be a true red flag for those with a minor brain injury.

Sudden or rapid mood disorders. If a person rapidly changes moods from one extreme to the next, he might have suffered head trauma or injury.

Coordination, balance and nausea. Concussions may cause the victim to experience vomiting or nausea and have a difficult time walking, sitting, standing or maintaining balance.

Should you ever notice someone experiencing these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Concussions that are left untreated can develop into worse conditions over time and cause many long-term brain damage. For more information on how to properly spot a concussion or information about head trauma, please visit us online at Oak Hill Hospital. You can also call our Consult-A-Nurse service at 1-800-741-5120.

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