How an Occupational Therapist Can Help You

After a surgery or injury, many patients seek help from a Physical Therapist while retraining their muscles and bodies to perform at their full ability again. A lesser-used form of assistance during these tough transitional periods is Occupational Therapy. Whether you are trying to adjust to life in a wheel chair, or a family member is struggling to communicate with loved ones after a stroke, an Occupational Therapist can guide you and help shape your environment to handle physical or mental disabilities. If your life has transformed into an obstacle course after a surgery, illness, or injury, consider how an Occupational Therapist could help you.Physical Therapy 3

Reduce Physical Stress
If you are healing from an injury or surgery, some seemingly harmless motions or activities could prolong the recovery process, or even leave you gasping in pain. An Occupational Therapist can help you get through your day in a way that does not hinder your recovery process or put your health in further jeopardy.

Reduce Mental Stress
Whether you are experiencing a physical or mental disability, learning a new way of life with unfamiliar limitations can be overwhelming. An Occupational Therapist can provide expert, professional advice on how to navigate your daily routine without unnecessary challenges or frustrations. You don’t need to figure out this new world for yourself. Many others have gone before you, and you can learn from their tips and advice.

Enjoy Your Home Again
With the help of an Occupational Therapist, you can be comfortable in your own home again. Create a living space that accommodates your new needs and lifestyle. Depending on your situation, renovations could be made to improve your ability to use the bathroom, wash yourself, or cook a meal in your kitchen. Let a professional show you the best changes to make.

Do you think Occupational Therapy could help you or a family member? If you’re still unsure, call our Consult-a-NurseĀ® service at 1-888-741-5120 with your questions. We can also give you a physician referral if needed.

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