Tips to Prepare Your Little One for a Hospital Stay

There's nothing harder on parents than seeing their little ones ill. But when your children are sick and require hospitalization, you have to be the brave parent and help to make them feel at ease.

You might feel like you're the one who needs some preparation before bringing your little ones to stay in the hospital, but they are the ones who will be scared and unsure of what to expect. Put them at ease with these tips:

  • Bring Something from Home. Let your children bring an item from home, like a teddy bear or other comforting familiar item.
  • Let Them Ask Questions. It is normal for your children to be curious, so allow them to ask questions themselves. They may want to ask the doctors or nurses questions and hear the answers for themselves.
  • Let Family Visit. Your little ones will feel much more comfortable if their brothers and sisters come to visit with them during their stay.
  • Take a Hospital Tour. If your children's hospital stay is a planned one, arrange to take a tour of the hospital beforehand so your children can familiarize themselves with the place in advance.
  • Stay With them When Possible. Your children are already in an unfamiliar place, so being separated from you can make it even harder on them. If one parent can't stay all the time, try sharing the duty or even getting a grandparent to stay when you cannot.

Oak Hill Hospital is proud to offer a dedicated pediatric emergency department designed to fit the needs of our younger patients. We focus on "ouchless" care and child-centered treatment. To learn more about our Pediatric ER and other services, visit us online today or give us a call at 352-596-6632. Our Pediatric Emergency Care Center is open seven days a week.from 11am to 11pm.

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