Celebrate the Fourth With Safety in Mind!

Are fireworks a part of your July 4 celebration this year? If so, follow these tips to keep your family safe!

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, thousands of people are injured using fireworks each year on July 4, and the majority of them are children and teens. Keep your family safe when using fireworks this Fourth of July with these tips:

Adults Only
Always have an adult present during fireworks displays. Only the adult should light the fireworks.

Choose the Right Launch Pad
When lighting fireworks, choose an area that is smooth and flat and away from houses, trees, buildings and large crowds.

Keep Water Handy
Keep a water hose and bucket of water nearby when lighting fireworks. After they have cooled, dispose of used fireworks in the bucket of water before transferring to the trash.

Watch Your Aim
Don't point or throw fireworks in the direction of other people or towards trees, leaves or grass.

One Try
If a firework does not light upon the first attempt, do not try to re-light it or combine it with another firework.

Supervise Sparklers
Sparklers are only recommended for use by children who are 12 or older, with adult supervision. Be sure children wear closed-toe shoes, hold sparklers at arm's length and don't run with, wave or throw sparklers. Only allow children to light one sparkler at a time. Place used sparklers in a bucket of water.

If you are looking for more information on fireworks safety, check out our Health Library or these recommended resources:

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