Pain in the … Back! Preventing Lower Back Pain

Don’t take your back for granted! Help prevent lower back pain with these tips.

You’re not alone if you’re constantly dealing with lower back pain. It’s a common condition that affects 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives. Back pain affects all people differently, though. It can feel like a dull ache that never completely goes away or it can feel like a sudden sharp pain that seemingly comes out of nowhere.

Although back pain caused by trauma or severe injury is not completely within your control, here are some suggestions for preventing everyday lower back pain:

  • Exercise. Regular aerobic activity and strengthening exercises can help improve and prevent lower back pain. Believe it or not, dealing with basic back pain by lying in bed is not recommended.
  • Watch your weight. Carrying excess weight on your body contributes to back pain.
  • Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet can contribute to weight loss and general overall health. Make sure you are getting enough calcium and vitamin D, which may help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Stand—and sit—up straight. Watch your posture while standing and sitting. Slumping and slouching can lead to an aching back.
  • Lift objects properly. Injury often occurs when lifting heavy objects. Bend your knees and keep your back straight rather than bending down at your waist.
  • Avoid high heels. High heels may make your legs look longer, but they can also cause lower back pain in addition to other problems like bunions and damage to tendons
  • Quit smoking. You may know that smoking contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer, but it can also increase your risk of bone loss and pain sensitivity. If you smoke, quit today!

Learn more about lower back pain on Oak Hill Hospital’s health library or contact our free healthcare referral service Consult-A-Nurse® for answers to basic healthcare questions. Our nurses can also help you find a doctor and schedule an appointment. Just call 1-888-741-5120.

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