Health to You: Join the Club

Oak Hill Hospital’s H2U Partner’s Club will help you manage your health, keep up with current health news and maintain an active lifestyle.

Over 30 years ago, H2U began giving people the possibility to manage their own health through member programs at local hospitals. Now, magazines and newsletters provide current and relevant health information, the online portal give you access to important health resources and the health library provides answers to your health-related questions and our community events keep you engaged.

Some of the member benefits include:

  • Personal Health Assessment: A confidential, comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill out, which will give you an idea of your overall health, possible future health risks and personalized tips to improve your health.
  • Personal Health Record: This password protected service allows you to keep a personal health record which will make it easier for yourself and healthcare providers to make informed decisions for your and your loved ones future health and medical treatments.
  • Health to You Magazine: Four times a year, you will receive a magazine filled with tips on how to stay healthy, how to improve your daily life, how to prevent diseases, and much more. All this completely free of advertisements.
  • Members only Discounts: Apart from the 10 to 50 percent savings on prescriptions at over 60,000 pharmacies all over the US, H2U Partner’s Club membership will offer you discounts on vision and dental plans, gifts and travel, as well as many other services.

At Oak Hill Hospital, there are a variety of activities organized through our H2U Partner’s Club. These include:

  • Art classes
  • Computer classes
  • Language classes
  • Exercise classes
  • Games and Music

Click here to check our H2U calendar for upcoming events and register online. These are just a handful of the benefits you could gain from becoming a H2U Partner’s Club Member. If you would like more information, you can visit us online or contact Stephanie Sutton, director of volunteer and senior services, at (352) 597-6080.

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