Fun Ways to Burn off Those Thanksgiving Calories

Learn how to get moving and keep having fun this Thanksgiving. 


This Thanksgiving, join family and friends in some fun activities that help you burn off the calories you consumed enjoying food at your holiday gathering. Celebrate without dropping healthy habits, such as getting the amount of daily activity recommended by the CDC.

Walk before you go to the movies. During the Thanksgiving holidays, it’s a blast to catch a movie and relax with friends. Before you gobble up that popcorn and soda and do nothing for a few hours, take a long, brisk walk. Try parking a half a mile from the movie theater and walking, or head to a park before the flick.

Play a game of kickball. You don't have to to be a pro at sports to enjoy a friendly game of kickball. Bring your brood out to the nearest baseball field or park for a game of kickball. All you really need is a big rubber ball and sturdy shoes. Keep score for fun or just freestyle it. Remember to stretch before and afterwards.

Host a fitness challenge at home. Use a video service like Netflix to find a fun at-home workout that’s appropriate for beginners. Get the family together for a “gym” afternoon. Move furniture out of the way and work out together. Offer healthy refreshments after the workout.

Play with your kids. Freeform, kid-directed activity can burn a surprising number of calories. Allow your kids to set the pace and choose the activity. Whether you end up playing tag, climbing on a jungle gym or having an impromptu sports match outside, you’ll burn those Thanksgiving calories.

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