Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating

Maintain your healthy eating habits this holiday season.

Staying healthy over the holidays doesn’t mean abstaining from everything delicious. You can enjoy the bounty of the holidays without going overboard. Learn how to stick to your healthy eating habits as you celebrate with family and friends.

Pay attention to portions
When you load a plate with food or snacks, be very aware of portion sizes. Moderation is crucial, especially if you’re indulging in sweets or fattening foods. The CDC says that serving yourself bigger portions leads to unintentionally consuming more calories. To maintain a low calorie diet, stick to small servings.

Combat germs in the kitchen
No one wants to spend the holidays sick from foodborne illness. Improperly cooked foods sicken as many as 76 million Americans a year. Cook foods to the proper temperature, keep cutting boards and cooking surfaces clean, and never leave leftovers out on the table. Offer guests clean towels or paper towels where they wash their hands and always encourage hand washing before meals.

Don’t ditch your diet
Whether your diet is due to allergies, weight loss goals or health concerns, you can’t afford to ditch it during the holidays. Take necessary steps to maintain your diet even when eating at restaurants or someone else’s home. Talk to family and friends about your dietary needs ahead of time to ensure that you’ll have food you can eat. If you’re attending a potluck, offer to bring a dish that's on the healthier side. Be especially cautious with baked goods if you have a nut allergy.

Avoid family style meals
Instead of serving food “family style” at the table where you’re eating, use a buffet table. When your guests need to get up from the table to load plates up with food, they’ll be less likely to eat seconds and continue eating past the point of fullness.

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