Phase 1 of Oak Hill Hospital’s North Tower Expansion Project Is Now Open!

The  North Tower Phase 1 expansion project here at Oak Hill Hospital is now officially open and admitting patients.

Happy Smiling Nurse

Some details on our expansion project:

  • Phase 1 is the completion of the new construction which adds a North Tower to the facility for the expansion of the Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, and private patient care rooms. The North Tower is a two story building which is stressed to accommodate future expansion up to six stories. The second floor of the new tower contains 36 private ICU (Intensive Care Unit) rooms.
  • The expansion also includes an additional 18 Post-Anesthesia Recovery beds. To accommodate this growth additional parking has been added for patients, guests, and families. Oak Hill Hospital is now a 262 bed facility making it the largest hospital in Hernando and Citrus Counties.
  • Phase 2 of construction has already begun to renovate 30,000 square feet of existing space for Endoscopy, Operating rooms, IV Therapy and Same Day Surgery.

Other interesting facts about the expansion project:

  • Total square feet of new construction – 70,000 square feet
  • Total square feet of remodeled construction – 30,000 square feet
  • The length of the North Tower is more than the length of a football field at 316 feet.
  • This is the largest healthcare remodel in the history of Hernando County.
  • The total amount of concrete for the entire building, including grout for the piles, is 4,000 cubic yards. This equates to 400 full 10 cubic yard trucks.
  • The amount of steel for this addition to the hospital is 700 tons (1.4 million pounds of steel).
  • Windows can withstand hurricane level winds up to 165 miles per hour.
  • 12,000 tons of debris were recycled, which equals 95% of total trash.

The total dollars of the construction is $40 million and the total cost of design/engineering/permitting/others is $12 million bringing the total cost of the project to $52 million.

Visit our Facebook Page to see more photos of the North Tower Phase 1 Expansion!

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