First Aid Kit Checklist for Parents

Find out what you should have on hand at home for first aid for kids.

When it comes to your kids, you want to provide the best care for them. Sometimes this means heading to the Emergency Room when an injury or illness occurs. Other times you can care for scrapes and bruises at home. Whether you seek a doctor’s care or you can handle bumps and small cuts yourself, you should keep a well-stocked first aid kit in your house for your family’s use.  Here’s a handy checklist to get you started:

First aid items to keep stocked:

  • Suction bulb
  • Fever reducer (such as Children’s Tylenol)
  • Antihistamine (such as Children’s Benadryl)
  • Medicine cups and syringes for child doses
  • Band-Aids or other adhesive bandages in various sizes
  • Finger splints
  • Wrap bandages for injuries/sprains that need support, like the ankle or wrist
  • Non-latex gloves
  • Adhesive tape
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Triangular bandage
  • Tweezers
  • Thermometer and tip covers
  • Instant ice bags
  • Cotton balls
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sterile eyewash
  • Hydrocortisone cream, ointment
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Antibiotic ointment

Additional first aid reminders:

  • Check your kit regularly, and replace any supplies that are getting low. Keep an eye on expiration dates and replace as needed.
  • Keep your child’s health history in a binder that can easily be taken to appointments and critical care visits.
  • Keep your doctors’ contact information organized in a place where it can easily be located by a caretaker or family member. Don’t forget the number of a pediatric dentist.
  • The toll-free Poison Help line number (1-800-222-1222) should be kept near all phones and somewhere easily seen. Store it in your cell phone along with other emergency numbers.
  • Consider keeping a basic disaster supply kit in your home.
  • Know how to get to your nearest pediatric emergency room.

Learn more about our Pediatric Emergency Care Center in Spring Hill. We are the only hospital in the region dedicated to pediatric emergency services. Give us a call at 352-596-6632 in Hernando and 352-628-6441 in Citrus for more information. Call our free Consult-a-Nurse® service at 1-888-741-5120 to ask any questions or to request a physician referral.

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