A Few Facts on Organ Donation

Get familiar with organ donation and learn how to save lives.

This month is National Donate Life Month. While it may be unsettling to imagine what will happen to your body and organs after you’re deceased, you should consider whether or not you’d like to register as an organ donor. Try to focus on the people who can be saved and helped by an organ donation. Did you know that you can save up to eight lives through organ donation according to OrganDonor.gov?

How does organ donation work?
Organ donation is the removal of healthy organs and tissues from one person to be transplanted into another person. People need organ and tissue transplants to recover from various diseases. Organ donation often saves lives. In some cases, organs can be transplanted from one living person to another, such as kidney donation.

Can anyone donate tissues and organs?
Unless you have AIDS, severe infection or certain types of cancer, you can donate tissues and organs. Anyone from infants to the elderly can become organ donors. Transplant experts will make decisions regarding the viability of your organs for donation.

Who does organ donation help?
Thousands of people are added to transplant waiting lists every month. The need is huge and there’s always a shortage of organs for donation. Womensheath.gov reports that about 18 people die each day waiting for transplants. When you give the gift of life, you can save someone waiting for a transplant or change the life of someone in need of one.

Will organ donation disfigure the body?
It is important for many individuals to know that organ donation does not affect the ability to have an open casket funeral. This can be a comfort to donors and loved ones. Transplant surgeons are specially skilled in removing organs and tissue without affecting the appearance of the body.

Find out what you should know about your immune system and organ transplants from Oak Hill Hospital. If you have any health questions or need a physician referral, call our Consult-A-Nurse® service at 1-888-741-5120.

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