The Dangers of Button Batteries

Find out why button batteries pose a risk to children and how you can avoid danger.

During Safe Kids Week, April 21st through the 28th, take time to learn about the dangers of button batteries. These small batteries represent a high number of cases of children visiting the emergency room after swallowing batteries. In fact, 84 percent of such visits involved button-sized batteries, according to

Where are these batteries found?
Unfortunately, button batteries can be found in a wide range of products and these are not limited to products intended for children. Remote controls, hearing aids, small toys and even greeting cards may contain very small batteries that curious children and infants might swallow or insert into other areas, like their nose.

What danger do these batteries pose? reports that when swallowed, batteries can leak acid if the casing around the battery is eroded. Some may even create an electrical current flowing through tissue and burn a hole in the trachea or esophagus. In rare cases, this can be fatal. It’s very important to keep these batteries out of the reach of kids, especially kids four and under.

How can this danger be prevented?
Children who are young enough to put toys and other items in their mouths should be supervised and should not be allowed to play with anything that could pose a choking hazard. Tape battery areas shut on remotes and don’t allow kids to play with items that contain small batteries. If you think your child has ingested a battery, head immediately to the ER.

Be prepared for emergencies that may occur with your children. Learn more about our Pediatric Emergency Care Center in Spring Hill. We are the only hospital in the region dedicated to pediatric emergency services. Give us a call at 352-596-6632 in Hernando and 352-628-6441 in Citrus for more information.

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